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The Last Rainboard Server

Hello all! I wanted to update you on the current state of The Last Rainboard BBS. I will bring you up to speed on how we are operating now, then we will discuss coming upgrades and changes and finally we’ll discuss what may be possible in the near future.

The photo on the left is indeed The Last Rainboard server. Raspberry Pi3 running the latest version of RASPBIAN JESSIE WITH DESKTOP (which I could only reliably download from the torrent here, remember use the torrent.)

Mystic BBS is the software we use, link here. Paul Hayton has put together a phenomenal Mystic tutorial channel on YouTube here.  Mystic BBS software is free and has been in active development since 1997. More features are added all the time, there is a thriving BBS community who use it, they support and help one another. Believe me an active community is important! If you are a member of The Last Rainboard you can visit Fsxnet and visit the Mystic community yourself.

We 3D printed the case, the body out of wood, the base and top out of copper. We installed heat sinks and a quiet 5v fan, keeps our server running at 34-35 degrees Celsius during constant operation.

The network is hardwired into our router providing telnet and remote access for our Sysop. The small bit of white box peeking out from behind it is a US Robotics (Non-Windows) USB modem for dial-up access to the BBS. Our Modem is working and we have the phone line and number set up, we just need to finish the coding, when we do I will make an announcement at the BBS and on this blog and give you the phone # so you can dial-up  and test out your CoCo.

We will be running The Last Rainboard on a CoCo 3 as soon as we can. As of this post we have a Triad from Cloud 9 tech on the way. We need a CoCo SDC if you have one you would be willing to sell or know where we could buy one please let us know via our contact form here.

Currently, we are updating the cosmetics of our BBS. We have a new Title page to replace the Mystic header and several other CoCo related accoutrement. When new items are added we will let you know in our blog.

In the future we believe it will be possible to use an actual CoCo3 for both dial-up and telnet thanks to the WiFi232 Internet Modem (always out of stock) or perhaps someone will come out for one specifically designed for the CoCo.  The Adafruit HUZZAH32 – ESP32 Feather Board would make it possible. I have a friend who uses this to telnet with his Ti-99. He used the HUZZAH board and he wrote a Java program to emulate a Hayes Modem. I plan on writing about this in more detail on the blog later. I know it would be possible to do this with the CoCo.

If you are thinking of running your own BBS we would like to help. The BBS is back in a big way and the birth of a new BBS is good for us all. If you have BBS or CoCo questions we would be happy to answer all we can.

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