Programing Hardware

Reproduction of Dr. Lane Lester’s Original Rainbow Article circa 1983

“I must confess to you that I have long had a secret desire to operate my own BBS,” _Dr. Lane Lester

the Rainbow November 1983

So do we! Now that we have a souped up 512 upgraded CoCo 3 we need hardware to push that little red wagon. We will also need secure power to drive this beast.

Ed Snider’s CoCo SDC

Enter the CoCo SDC! Developed by Darren Atkinson and produced by Ed Snider and we give him 1,000 thank you’s for this little miracle. We do have a disk drive but have no desire to burn it up in 24hr 7 days a week BBS operation. We ordered the SDC (see our previous post as to how you can) received it in the mail and the next step was to print ourselves a case.

In the middle photo below you can see our Flashforge Creator Pro printing the CoCo SDC case designed by xnaron (QR code on the left) and posted on thingiverse. You can download the 3D file here. From the two available SDC designs we chose this one because we felt it would look best in the black filament we had available.

On the far right picture you see the finished CoCo SDC case. We used silver pen paint to highlight the  recessed lettering. Pretty slick huh? Well, we thought so.

Next, we added the CoCo SDC eXplorer. The Original Gamer Stevie Strow produced a video walkthru about this on his Youtube Channel. We placed the software on our 32 gb SD card,  it organizes and makes visible the files we put on; thus making it more usable. Thank you Steve!

We will go into the Rainboard software, where to get it, how to load it onto the SDC and how to use it in a post in the near future -it is quite an involved story but since one of the original Rainboards was decimated by a powersurge (as outlined by Dr Lester in his 1984 Rainboard update article) we decided a little protection was in order.

APC 11-Outlet Surge Protector 3020 Joules with Telephone, DSL and Coaxial Protection, SurgeArrest Performance (P11VT3)

Safe power is a must! Not only are our power adapters protected but this particular surge protector protects our hayes dial-up modem and coaxial cable which carries the signal from the CoCo3 to our T.V. monitor. We ordered the APV 11-Outlet model from

Good news! We have contacted the father of The Rainboard, Dr. Lane Lester who was gracious enough to allow us to interview him. We will have the interview up here as soon as it is finished.

We will begin our series on setting up The Last Rainboard on the CoCo SDC which has taken many twists and turns not to mention mental endurance and intestinal fortitude. Until then this is your Sysop Piff signing off.

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