Installing Hardware 1

The Last Ranbord Retro Server Rack

We would like to thank the following people who have helped us on our journey toward getting The Last Rainboard BBS up and running.

First, I would like to thank Ed Snider for selling us a CoCo SDC . If you want a SDC you have to email him.

The Original Gamer Stevie Strow helped us with his video about how to update a SDC and add SDC explorer. If you are in to everything CoCo like us you should check out his new podcast “CoCo Talk!”

john-ed for the CoCo video interface cable, 75 ohm F-type to RCA conn. We opted to use the RCA adapter instead of the RGB because we are only running a BBS on The CoCo 3 not playing games.

roq74 and The Blue Wharehouse always has a fine assortment of retro CRT T.V.s at great prices. roq74 always packs the televisions very securely for shipping.

A constant thanks to Cloud9tech. We installed the Triad, see pics below.

Finally, we have to thank Home Depot for the wire shelving units as recommended by Scott Schreiber from Retro Gaming Roundup. It is better to go to Home Depot in person, talk to an associate who works there to make sure you have all the pieces you need and they will cut it to the right length for you. Check out our retro Rainboard server rack above.

First Test

Soon after we built the shelf our white (piss yellow with age) 9 inch T.V. came in from roq74. We tested the CoCo and the T.V.-they worked. Whew, that could have been bad. Our CoCo 3 was in boxed mint condition so we had hope. Now time to disassemble.

After taking out all the screws the lower left side would not separate. Damn it!! So I watched another Stevie Strow video entitled Performing Surgery on a CoCo 3. Then I looked down and noticed the void warranty if you open case sticker was over the final screw. Very tricky Radio Shack may you RIP you S.O.B.s.

Next, I had to remove four 4464 DRAMS memory chips and snip two green C65 and C66 capacitors. Once the old memory and capacitors were removed the Triad slipped right in. We used a Radio Shack IC extractor not shown.

Cloud9tech Triad Upgrade

The entire process was easier than we anticipated. If you have a CoCo 3 we highly recommend you buy the Triad Upgrade from Cloud9tech. The price is good and it works well.

Test After Upgrade

After all of the above mentioned hardwearing it was time to test.  It’s alive!  Yes, truly an exciting moment friends and neighbors but we are far from finished.

In Installing hardware 2 we are going to go over the CoCo SDC, soon to be followed by the digital archaeology involved in getting the original RainBoard basic code from 1983 working in 2017.

We tracked down the Farther of the RainBoard code Lane Lester (still alive and kicking) we will tell you about him and his original November 1983 article in The Rainbow Magazine that started it all. Until then this is your Sysop Piff signing out.

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