The Last Rainboard

The Last Rainboard is dedicated to the BBS “The Last Rainboard” a BBS which celebrates and promotes the TRS-80 Color Computer, software and its users.

The goal of “The Last Rainboard” BBS is to run on vintage TRS-80 hardware and genuine Rainboard software as originally published in “The Rainbow Magazine _communication issue 1984.”

Until the sweet day our BBS runs on a CoCo (we will keep you posted here) we operate with Mystic software on a Raspberry Pi3.

We are working on making it accessible by CoCo’s via dial-up (also we will keep you posted) until then it is available via Telnet.

As of the date of this post we have most of the hardware required: CoCo 3, Hayes 3oo baud Modem, Telephone # and line. What we need; a TRIAD 512K SRAM Upgrade from Cloud9 (to run reliably and cool) and a CoCo SDC (instead of a floppy drive) and a retro CRT monitor. We are not able to find the SDC for sale although we know they exist. Please contact us if you know where we can purchase a SDC.

If you would like to help us maintain the BBS by either donating money or hardware please contact us via the contact form.

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