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The Last Rainboard Office

The computer setup above is where I do all my admin work, not the actual hardware which runs the BBS we will get into that a little further down. I want to tell you about some exciting hardware developments in the CoCo community and the progress we are making here at The Last Rainboard.

Have you heard about Paul Rickards WiFi232 Retro Computer Hayes Modem? Yes, Yes, Yes, it adds WiFi capabilities to the following retro computers as stated on Paul’s website biosrhythm.com

Atari Portfolio (with serial interface and 9 to 25 pin serial adapter)
Atari 520ST and 1040ST
Amstrad NC100
Texas Instruments TI-99/4A
Tandy TRS-80 Model 102 (with 25 pin gender changer)
Apple IIgs (with mini DIN to 25 pin serial cable)
Atari 800XL (with Atari 850 serial interface and appropriate cable)
Amiga 1000 (with 25 pin gender changer)
Amiga 2000
Amiga 1200
Macintosh SE
Macintosh SE/30
Digital VT220 and VT240 Terminal
Apple IIe (with serial card)
IBM 486-compatible (with 9 to 25 pin serial adapter)

Notice CoCo is not on there? No worries because  Bill Nobel valued member of the CoCo community and others on the CoCo mailing list are diligently, working on the code on a ESP8266 module to make telneting to a CoCo via the module possible in order to run a CoCo BBS on a CoCo with telnet capabilities. Whew, that was a mouth full!

SHIFT838 aka Chris Schneider from shift838.99er.net has released hardware and software plans for making your own DIY ESP8266 WiFi Modem! The plans are available in his excellent monthly (Vol 3 Issue 2 August) TI-99/4A and Geneve newsletter.

Being able to bring WiFi to your CoCo would give you a good reason to join a BBS and hey if you haven’t why don’t you join The Last Rainboard here. We plan on building a ESP8266 WiFi Modem based on Chris Schneiders plans modified for the CoCo, I will document the CoCo-tatastic details here.

Last Rainboard Modem

We are not using a WiFi module to run The Last Rainboard. See the little jewel on the left that is how you will obtain dial-up access. Using Rainboard software, the Hayes Smart Modem is how it was and how it’s gonna be.

Cloud9tech Triad

Nothing against upgrading a bit, we did get our Triad from Cloud9tech.com and we finally got in contact with Ed Snider and are on the list for a CoCo SDC. What the heck, here is a picture of the Triad . Cloud9 produced a good video on how to install the Triad I do suggest you mute the volume though. Sorry guys.  The TRIAD 512K SRAM Upgrade for the CoCo 3

With all of this exciting retro computing  goodness we still have a BBS to run and I must say we are making upgrades every day. Now you see Piff’s latest news when you log on, we are programming CoCo related message areas and our The Last Rainboard login page will be up shortly. Check back often.

One last thing. on our home page you can see if our BBS server is working via our news ticker! If you love the CoCo, Christmas and or little puppy dogs you can go ahead and sign up on The Last Rainboard BBS.

Your Sysop Piff out.

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