We are in the process of moving. The BBS should be down for 4 weeks. When we bring the BBS back up it will be with updates such as: updated Mystic Backend and an updated home screen. Thank… Read More

Programing Hardware

“I must confess to you that I have long had a secret desire to operate my own BBS,” _Dr. Lane Lester the Rainbow November 1983 So do we! Now that we have a souped up 512 upgraded CoCo… Read More

Installing Hardware 1

We would like to thank the following people who have helped us on our journey toward getting The Last Rainboard BBS up and running. First, I would like to thankĀ Ed Snider for selling us a CoCo SDC …. Read More

Exciting Hardware

The computer setup above is where I do all my admin work, not the actual hardware which runs the BBS we will get into that a little further down. I want to tell you about some exciting hardware… Read More