We are in the process of moving. The BBS should be down for 4 weeks. When we bring the BBS back up it will be with updates such as: updated Mystic Backend and an updated home screen. Thank… Read More

Programing Hardware

“I must confess to you that I have long had a secret desire to operate my own BBS,” _Dr. Lane Lester the Rainbow November 1983 So do we! Now that we have a souped up 512 upgraded CoCo… Read More

Installing Hardware 1

We would like to thank the following people who have helped us on our journey toward getting The Last Rainboard BBS up and running. First, I would like to thankĀ Ed Snider for selling us a CoCo SDC …. Read More

Exciting Hardware

The computer setup above is where I do all my admin work, not the actual hardware which runs the BBS we will get into that a little further down. I want to tell you about some exciting hardware… Read More

Update and Server Info

Hello all! I wanted to update you on the current state of The Last Rainboard BBS. I will bring you up to speed on how we are operating now, then we will discuss coming upgrades and changes and… Read More

The Last Rainboard

The Last Rainboard is dedicated to the BBS “The Last Rainboard” a BBS which celebrates and promotes the TRS-80 Color Computer, software and its users. The goal of “The Last Rainboard” BBS is to run on vintage TRS-80… Read More