About Us

Our Goal

The ultimate reason this website exists on the internet is to document the process, tribulations, trials and victories involved in setting up and operating a BBS with 1980's software on a 1980s computer.

The Computer: TRS-80 Color Computer

The Software: The Rainboard BBS software



The internet used to be a serious place where those with technical interest and ability went to learn and share their skills.

If anyone wanted information on any subject they could join a BBS community and ask.

The "internet" was owned by the people (as it ran on their machines) therefore is was not the saturated commercial marketplace it is today.

The internet started out with the BBS in 1977 and we believe it will end there. Perhaps The Last Rainboard will be the last BBS standing.


Meet the Team

Hello my name is PIff.

TRS-80 Keyboard

Piff Merkin

Founder & Sysop

I am your System Operator aka Sysop. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Try it out

After all of that, how about you try out our BBS? The Last Rainboard BBS is easy to sign up and free to use. We will never charge.

We update our blog frequently with CoCo and BBS related information. We look forward to seeing you again.